A Friendship Destined by the Stars

It's been 8 years now. When I met Lexi, she was a small-town girl with big dreams. Living life in a small house in the country with her mother and younger brothers. She had dreams of leaving home and living a bigger life. A life full of love and experiences she had only ever read about. I had seen so much potential and ambition in my new friend and was always so supportive of her living her dreams and I was willing to do whatever I could to encourage her to set out to do everything she ever wanted.

Ever since then, she has accomplished so much. From traveling to states and countries she had never been to, to meeting and marrying her soul mate. She was always my favorite model and she even walked in some of the biggest runway stages in the country. She moved from the country to the city to the desert, and I couldn't be more proud. We still talk nearly every day and when she comes back to visit we still create magic every time. She is my biggest cheerleader and I am hers. I will always feel so blessed to have this gorgeous, ambitious, ridiculously smart girl in my corner encouraging me to chase my dreams while she chases hers.