Victoria + Levi

I have been friends with Victoria for as long as I can remember. Like me, she is a small-town girl with big ambitions and a small business owner. Having known Levi for years as well, when she told me that they had started dating and hit it off, I was so excited for them because I knew they were a great match. She and Levi complement each other in such a way that I just know they could conquer anything together.

I was so excited to be able to capture these family photos for them. There sweet little family makes my heart smile and seeing these two together just being their most authentic selves is everything my little photographer heart could ever desire.

Check out Victoria and support her small business over at Muse Artistry in Floyds Knobs Indiana. She does amazing work (my eyelashes never looked better) and the other artists available for hair in her shop are amazing as well.