Wedding at Lanier Mansion in Madison Indiana

Jocelyn and Shelbys love story is one of pure intimate persistence and passion. I've known Jocelyn for several years, she was purely a driven individual back then. It was clear she had planned out all of her ambitions and goals in life and I never heard her talk about a life built with someone else. When she reached out to me to tell me she had met her person, I was so excited for her and I couldn't wait to meet this special someone.

Shelby was a welcome and unexpected surprise. I could tell from our first meeting that Jocelyn was Shelbys sun and moon. Couples like these are the type that people make movies and write books about.

Due to Jocelyns Hispanic heritage, I knew this wedding was going to be one for the books. I knew I could expect tons of passion, dancing, and oh so much love.

Lanier Mansion in Madison Indiana, really is such a gorgeous place. I loved getting to tour the historic mansion. The gardens around the main building made for the perfect spot for some gorgeous couples pictures.