Why not Bring Your Kitties?

When someone says they want to include their pets, I usually assume they are talking about their dogs, because lets face it, cats and just about any other household pets are home bodies! But when I say bring your pets I really mean it. I love including anything in your session that makes you you. Things you love: hobbies, sports, food, or pets!

Their main concern was that its difficult to take pictures of cats outside, mostly because a change in environment is hard enough and unless your cat has had a leash on before, that may not go so well. We made it work! We were able to take these pictures in my very own living room. Their cats were still a bit shy and that's perfectly fine, I let them be themselves and get to know the place a bit before they had to participate.

Their session was a lot of fun and I'm so glad they asked if they could bring their pets. I wouldn't have had it an other way!